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More candids of Dianna on the set of ‘Headlock’ (07-28-14)

Dianna Agron on the set of her latest movie ‘Headlock’



"i wish pokemon were real!"

beedrill is three feet tall

yeah but lets be real here if it meant I could live in a world with completely free healthcare and take tours across entire countries on foot with superpowered animal/else companions I would fight a hundred fucking beedrill at once naked with only a butter knife

We were never friends; not for a second. I loved you.
OITNB (via girlchoking)


Guest Post: Mini Chocolate Waffles

Ummmmm how good do these look?! I haven’t done a guest post in a while so I’m pretty excited to have Savory Lotus share her gorgeous recipe with us. Katja has beautiful and creative recipes on her site for any sort of flavor palate out there. I seriously want to try all of her recipes….



birth control pills: 

  • can treat cysts, endometriosis, pcos, and other potentially life-threatening conditions
  • can lessen severe symptoms of menstruation
  • can treat hormonal imbalances that result in severe acne and other side effects
  • can prevent pregnancy from ever occurring

erectile dysfunction drugs:

  • give you an erection


Finally. I’m home.


Finally. I’m home.